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Scrolls of the Undead is OUT NOW!

Scrolls of the Undead: The Last Light books

It's with a mixture of excitement, anticipation, and deep reflection that I introduce to you my very first novel - "Scrolls of the Undead: The Last Light". A journey that began thirteen years ago has finally seen the light of day, and what a fucking remarkable journey it has been!

A Glimpse Into the Past

The genesis of "Scrolls of the Undead" was a spark, a fleeting thought that grew, evolved, and matured over the course of thirteen years starting back in my old band days when the need for a different method of creativity was needed for me. Throughout this time, there were moments of self-doubt, exhilaration, and a multitude of revisions. Each day added a new layer, a fresh perspective, and a deeper understanding of the world I was creating. The result? A narrative rich in detail, emotion, and the culmination of over a decade's worth of dedication and passion.

A Tale That Beckons

Without giving too much away, "Scrolls of the Undead: The Last Light" is more than just a story. It's an invitation to embark on an adventure, to traverse a world I created based on my own youth, where the line between light and darkness is blurred, and where the resilience of the human spirit is tested time and again with a scary, 80's feel. It's a tale that I hope will resonate, intrigue, and perhaps even challenge your perspectives.

Grab Your Copy Today!

The good news doesn't stop with the announcement. "Scrolls of the Undead: The Last Light" is now available right here for sale on this site! And for those who prefer to pick up their reads from bookstores or other platforms, fret not - the book will soon grace shelves and be available worldwide wherever books are sold as it is currently going through global distribution approvals.

Join Me on this Literary Adventure

As I release this novel into the world, my biggest hope is that it finds a place in your hearts. That you, as readers, immerse yourselves in its pages and experience the same range of emotions I felt while penning it down.

The journey of "Scrolls of the Undead" might have spanned thirteen years, but in many ways, it feels like it's just beginning. And I'm incredibly excited to have you join me on this adventure.

Kill the Aesir,

Adam Ronin

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