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I'm Adam Ronin, proudly rooted in the scenic backdrop of Fort Collins, Colorado. At 41, my identity isn't just wrapped up in being a musician and author; I'm a living archive of nostalgia and ambition. The vibrant 80s are not just a decade to me; they're a part of who I am.


My deep-seated love for horror isn't just about the thrill; it's about capturing the essence of the unknown, much like the haunting notes of my music and the unpredictable turns in my stories.

As someone who grew up during the video game revolution, these pixelated adventures were more than just games; they were my first foray into expansive worlds, offering inspirations that often seep into my music and writing.

And then there's my collection – my meticulously curated trove of action figures. To many, they might be mere toys, but to me, they're emblematic. They're not just figurines; they're art, each echoing iconic moments from a time that I revere.

In a world that's always racing towards the next big thing, I stand as a bridge to the timeless. Through my songs, my books, and my cherished love for creation, I aim to both honor myself, geeky reverence, and to carve out a niche that's unmistakably Adam Ronin.


Adam Ronin

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